Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Welcome to the official thread of Alpha^1 C6 by arpit982 & PrinceRM-786

the earlier thread was deleted on my request by Jonas as it was not properly made .. sorry for the inconvinience
Credits to : PrinceRM-786, pirates_killer, 008Rohit, DJNokia5233, iwalkwithshadow, vivekrules, Mara, LuziQ, Kcube989, Ind190, LA, CODeRUS and To Adonix and Pnht... 

Lastly thanks to all my dailymobile Friends and Phaty for creating such a great forum... 

if you like this cfw CREDIT both Me and PrinceRM-786 for it.. we both worked really hard for it....

We have tried to keep this fw simple yet stylish and basically focused on Speed and Performance 
Credits for the whole visual part goes to PrinceRM-786
This fw is as simple as i could be.. This is the main reason for its speed
The Themes used are simple and beautiful
The Theme effects are also fast
There are less amount of apps in Z:
You can add your apps manually in Thinkchange folder and run autoinstaller after flash to install your apps

Name : 523x-Alpha^1 based on C6v20
Model:5230-RM588 and 5233RM-625.. Coming soon for others
Language: English 

ScreenShots :



CHANGELOGS : (note they may not complete) 

   Increased Frame Rate to 45fps - Best performance and good battery life
   Effect complexity optimized for best performance and battery Life
   Increased Heap Size to get the best results - No lags while opening and closing of apps[tested by me]
   Lags in the UI removed
   Ram Achieved : 69mb screenshot above 
   Ram cache in C: -  Ram Caching modded personally to get better Ram even after heavy use
   N8 Like Kinetic Scrolling 
   All Light Bugs Fixed ( thanks to mara for the mod)
   Lights will behave exactly like the 523x orignal fw
   Camera Ram mod added
   Camera will close down fully after exit and not eat ram
   User Agent set to Nokia n97 - Ovi store recognizes it as n97 and you have access to most apps
   Display Lights and auto screen lock are set as follows - in 20seconds the lights will die out
                                                                              in 30 seconds the screen will lock

   Fota Space removed as it takes up useless 5mb of space
   Also removed ''Check For Updates'' option in the Phone Updates menu (*#0000#)
   Rotation Angle optimized and Rotation time decreased to get faster response
   Lock Unlock vibration intensity reduced to save battery life
   Startup of background apps stopped to get more ram (Mega Startup Mod by Shadowninty)
   Messaging Lags removed
   Real Hack by PNHT
   Media Bar bug with killme fixed - Mediabar is moved to protected list by default
   Free Space in C: is 78mb
     Bluetooth Name is Alpha^1
     USB will recognise phone as Nokia 523x - Alpha^1
     Removed WLan options in the 523x variant

     Default Fonts are N8 fonts - There is not much difference but they are more crisp and sleek and hence readable while browsing
--Home screen
    C6 widgetized home screen with full widget support
    Added two new shortcut bars in the widget options. Now there are total of 4 shortcuts bar.

    Hidden Conversations in Applications folder 
    Using 3x4 Menu Mod by LuziQ but its slightly modded and made more practical by ME Grin
    Lags in Menu removed completely
    Default Icons used as N8 icons are buggy
    Nokia default recorder can record for upto 1000 minutes constantly 
    The recording quality has been set to the highest possible by default
    Added Nokia's new updated Music Player 15.2 
     Faster in response and also shows lyrics if integrated in the song
     Music Player will search only E:\Music
     Ovi music removed completely even from the music menu
     Video Capture frame rate set to highest
     Photos application E:\Images and E:\Videos and show both videos and photos [ sadly no fix for this bug Sad ]
     Videos application will show videos if kept in E:\Videos

    Modded to give the best picture quality
    Flash bug fully fixed thanks to 008Rohit, Dan Av, iwalkwithshadow for their mods
    Camera Ram MOD - camera won't remain in background 
    version is 3.4 as the new 3.6 version is buggy in Z:
    Will upload a installer with it will give you 3.6 if you want
   All lags in Messaging Removed
   The default keyboard is Alphanumeric opposed to the Handwriting Keyboard
   Saved Sent messages set to 999
   Delivery Reports on by default 
    Alpha Fresh - Fresh by Ind190
    Alpha White - Nokia White By LA 
    Alpha Black - Nokia Black By LA
    Alpha Orange - Nokia Orange By LA
    Alpha Biru - Biru by Ind190
    Alpha Grey - Nokia Dark by LA 
    Theme Effects are off by default
    Theme Effects used are Discord by Kcube989

--File Browser and Web Browser 
    Download manager of default browser can resume download on startup
    Browser Cache moved to E:
    Nokia default file manager can send protected items via bluetooth, sms and upload

-- Apps Removed
    Quick Office
    Adobe Reader
    My Nokia
    Ovi Contacts
    Phone Switch
    Voice Commands
    Online Support
    Ovi Music
    Ovi Sync
    Video Call

--Apps added in Z:
    Kill Me 
    Rom Patcher+
    File Browser 

--Apps in C: and E:[Run Autoinstaller in Tools to get them]
     Nokia Notifications
     Best ScreenSnap
     Opera Mini 5.1 beta
Heres the link:-
Part 1 :
Part 2 :
Download both, keep in same folder, and extract the first one.