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The patch "ReadCRoot.rmp" & C2Z are buggy. So, use them at your own risk
The UDA file supplied is blank ; It will make sure you get 78MB+ on drive C: , I think there is no use of Get Rihanna, FB, My Space etc etc, So i have deleted them to provide more space on C:
Do not worry if you experience your phone slow on first use after hardreset or flash. The first boot configures the device and all optimizations. So have patience during 1st boot!
Run AutoInstaller to quickly install many usefull applications  ( Apps are provided Below In packages)


1) Delete any "thinkchange" and "gadget.swf" from you E:\ drive Before flash
2) If your MMC is locked by a password then REMOVE the password
3) Never FORMAT Memory Card after flash
4) Need to do Hard reset after flash

First Boot Optimization (Ignoring this will result in a buggy phone)
1) After flash operation, when the country selection appears , wait for a minute or two, after that fill all the enteries.
2) Do not press any key untill the homescreen appears
3) Now wait until you get this message "Applications installed"
4) After that do a restart


-   Highly Increased Application/Gaming frame rates
-   Increased Response Rate,Now touchscreen will be more responsive
-   UI Accelerated
-   Phone will never slow down and the RAM won't be decreasing due to RAM Cache Mod
-   78MB+ on C:
-   Kinetic Scrolling everywhere
-   Real Hack ie. No Use Of Installserver Patch
-   Nokia SMS sending on start disabled completely (so no balance deduction)
-   Default Bluetooth Name Changed To :- Nokia ENVY
-   General Profile Also Named To Nokia ENVY
-   Browser Cache increased to 10MB and moved to E:\
-   Super Boosted Screen Rotation
-   Delivery Reports Are ON by Default
-   Hidden Menu Mod Used (cont. Manager, Themes, Profiles can now be shown up in menu)
-   Saved Sent Message value has been set up to 999 by default
-   Touch Screen Vibration has been disabled in “Nokia ENVY” profile i.e GENERAL profile
-   Cache has been moved from C: to E:
-   Default File manager is now capable of sending files.
-   Widget Security Disabled
-   Lock Unlock vibration has been disabled
-   RollerCoaster Game removed
-   Display Light timeout had been set to 45 seconds by default
-   Light intensity set to 80%
-   Shazam App Added
-   Music player will read only E:\Sounds\Mymusic
-   Nokia N8 kinetic scrolling used
-   Default Nokia N8 tunes used
-   Nokia default file browser can send sisx, sis, jar and any protected items via bluetooth, mms and uploads
-   Nokia default file browser will show system folders and root folder (When ReadCroot.rmp Patch Is Enabled)
-   Flexibility to install your own version of Vodafone/ Orange/ Tsunami Homescreen

•   NEW Nokia ENVY splashscreen & shutdown screen used
•   Supercool menu mod( see screenshots)
•   BootScreen Volume set to max
•   C6 default menu circle used
•   Default Fonts used
•   Speed2 Type Effects used by Joker

-   Camera sound is disabled if Capture tone#1 is used

-   Camera will not leave in background after close it (SAVES RAM)

-   Camera quality highly improved utilizing full 2 MP Camera


- Aurora (Default)
- Nokia Now
- Petrol Blue

- Rompatcher+ (patches will autocopy)
- BtSwitch
- Autoinstaller
- Kill Me
- Best Screensnap (Run Autoinstaller)
- JbakTaskman (Run Autoinstaller)
- Widgetizer 1.4 (Run Autoinstaller)

- Basic (Default Homescreen )
- Flash live (iphone4-ish) [you change by placing your own gadget.swf in E:\]
- Contacts Bar
- Full Page
- Navigation Bar
- Shortcuts Bar


                                                   5 Homescreens Variant:

                                                   6 Homescreens Variant:
Blank UDA file is provided by ishandigipunk, so no need to hard reset, it will itself do it Cheesy
                                      Please do modify the file names acc. to your original file names

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