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Credits : 008Rohit,PNHT,Binh24,Liliantungary,Dan-Av,Rawand Kurdy,LogonAniket and all my DM friends Smiley


REVENGE^C6 Features


Ui accelerated with Cpu Time 75 and processing is done at 11 fps.
Prehacked Installserver.exe used
Default Themes in the Core replaced fully.
Touch screen bug fixed and now Single tap activates the touch without pressing any icon.
Lights Bug totally fixed and it has independent timer from the keygaurd.
Keygaurd doesnt gets locked when the lights get switched off and has a separate timer of 45 seconds.
Light timer is now set at 15 seconds.
Profile name renamed to "Revenge".
Bluetooth renamed to "Revenge".
Black nokia splashscreen and shutdown screens used.
Black nokia Startup animation used.
N8 default fonts used.
N8 kinetic scrolling used.
N8 Default Tones used with various tones removed to get space.
The phone memory has 76 mb free space.
Nokia notifications added in CFW and are set as default.
Music suite screen changed and now has music timer added to stop your music player at desired time.
Photos Suite screen changed and now has Browse added to take you to a 3 dimensional photo browser.
Vivaz Conversations available in Messaging menu .
Nokia File browser available in Tools folder.
Lag in Messaging App removed.
Camera bugs fixed and flash option totally removed.
Video call option totally removed from the firmware.
Brightness option available again along with the light sensor and both settings work nicely without any bug.
Screen Brightness Default : 50% of the light sensor settings.
Touch vibrations disabled as default .
Vibration enabled as default in Silent profile.
Call volume in speaker as well as Handsfree is 10 as default.
The Soft reject or the reject call by sending a sms is disabled as default.
Call image is set to "None" as default.
Default theme is Nokia theme black by LA.
Keygaurd vibration disabled to save battery.
Battery fixes done to increase the battery life .
Contacts View and storage set to SIM as default.
Camera photos storage set to memory card as default.
Camera now has extended zoom on both photos and videos.
In Camera app enabled the zoom from Volume button.
Swipe to unlock works flawlessly .
Media bar works fine just a restart needed after the flashing.
Extra 3 shortcut bar widgets available in homescreen.
Radio works fine and every bug fixed in that.
Music player updated to 15.2 and now has lyrics show enabled in it.
N8 icon packs used with custom menu mod.
Theme effects are minimal with Discord + default effects mixture.(less effects due to bugs)
Default keyboard : Alphanumeric with T9 switched OFF.
Sent items can store 500 sms as default.
Web browser will resume downloads after crash.
Nokia maps updated to 3.06.
Conversations and many useless icons hidden from the menu.
Startup of many apps like contacts , messaging etc disabled.
Securewidgetpreinstall disabled .
Welcome2 nokia has been disabled.
Message reader works perfectly.
Message reader got 2 voice options one male and one female.
Browser cache moved to E:\.
Extra Sensor settings added "Tapping Sensor"
The screen rotation is enabled as default.
Theme effects enabled as default.
N8 Swipe to unlock.
Quick Office removed.
Zip manager removed.
Nokia Ovi contacts removed along with Ovi Sync.
Drawing application removed.
There is No AI as it is buggy and i dont need it.
The profile and clock widget is not removable as the mod is buggy so i didnt used it.
N8 dialer with Contacts search perfectly working.
Voice recorder quality high as default.
The phone will get detected as Nokia 5233 in the Pc suite but will get detected as C6-00 in browser to get much more software support.
Custom HS arrangement.
Wlan widget removed (Better to say Renamed to Blank Widget Grin)
No need to hard reset after the Flashing.
Lock screen and keys option changed to RESTART in the power button menu.
Check for updates removed .
File manager can send all files through bluetooth.
In call timer On by default
Summary after call disabled by default as i hate that anoying pop-up
Lags in the pop-up menus removed .
Breathing light is OFF by default
Blank UDA supplied to get highest possible free space on C:\

Many More mods applied, just flash to check .. Smiley 

Get Original Core from here : 












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