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Revenge v6

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Guide for Flashing Custom Firmware: 


REVENGE^6 Features


UI acceleration patch enabled with 100 time.
Kinetic Scrolling optimized and customised.
Conversations Application integrated in Ui and option available in Messaging
Gaming and various apps fps increased to 60.
default light timeout decreased to 10 seconds get better battery efficiency.
Default file manager can send sis,sisx,java etc protected files
You can install any unsigned application without signing.
Default effects changed to custom SPEED TYPE 2 (customised by me) effects along with super turbo manifest.
Oratsu homescreen got the HTC look (with oratsu variant)
super fast screen rotation added.
Heap size increased to get even more acceleration.
Browser cache moved to E:
Music player now reads only E:\Sounds\my music
Camera sounds get disabled when you select Silent profile.
Voice recording default quality set to high (records in mp4)
keypad lights enabled
Sending sms to nokia after Hard reset disabled
Startup applications disabled
Camera will not eat ram after closing it.
default themes + added 
default bootscreen.
Sent message limit increased to 500 as default.
FOTA server reserved space reduced to gain 5 mb space on C drive
Empty UDA file used to get most space out of C drive
79.2 MB available after Hard reset on C drive.
Roller Coaster Game Removed to Gain even More Space in C drive.
Light Sensor Switched On But no Option available to adjust it.
Camera Quality Increased
Default Fonts used
No rompatcher needed as firmware uses installserver mod from PNHT
Bluetooth name changed to "Revenge".
Startup Tone changed to that of C6
Keypad Unlock/lock Vibration disabled
Widget Settings and Widgets Added
Samsung Bottom Toolbar variable according to Variant.
Some new Ringtones added.
Nokia Black Splashscreen + Shutdown Screen.
Light themes + dark themes
Mail for exchange removed 
Touch Vibration by default disabled
lags in the menus removed
Custom Improved kinetic scrolling
Navigation Bar and Fullpage HS now Having Dialler and Contacts (only for 9 Hs Variants)
Camera Click sound changed to N8 default sound .
Everything like  gadget.swf + icons get copied to E:\ when you hard reset the phone so its necessary to hard reset.
Profile General Renamed to "Revenge"
Lags in the pop-up menus removed
Default C6 Themes (Light mix + Light Nokia + Dark Nokia ) added
Default Nokia 5230 Nuron Themes Added ( Dark Nuron + Light Nuron)
Icons for the Basic HS coloured.
Ui got even more acceleration with the Customised Speed type 2 effects
Original C6 menu circle
New Mods:
Screen Rotation Effects added in Custom firmware.
Theme effects OFF by default you need to switch them On after Flashing to get rotation effects  (Menu>tools>settings>personal>themes>general>options>theme effects>on)
Default ringtones for Call and Message changed.
File browser added and is now in Menu>tools.
Default Menu changed to Customised Xtreme Menu.
Charging Light Mod added and when you connect charger , middle light starts to glow like breating light. and stops with flashing all 3 lights when fully charged.
When battery low notification flashes on the sceen , the all 3 keyboard lights flash for 3 times per notification quickly.
When you are on call and you have your headset connected , the display lights used to glow continously no matter what , but in Revenge^6 , the lights behave normally even on the call with headset connected and they get switched off when you are on call normally.
The Ovi store is added in CFW , but not like other CFW's like not with the help of Autoinstaller , it just installs automatically when you first time click on the Ovi store icon after flashing. 
The CFW date changed to CFW creator in *#0000#.
9 HS , 8 Hs variants 
8 HS for the people who dont want browser bug in their CFW and wanna watch youtube videos .
Deja Vu variants for the people who dont want speed type 2 and Want particle effects in their phones.
N97 Flash HS Customised by me which was Long ago present in Revenge^3.
CPU mod variants for Best Speed.
No CPU mod Variants for Better Battery.
Nokia 5800Xm Audio Codec For Better Sound Output .

Samsung Original Widget Variants for People who love Live widgets. (Will release later).

Note: Plz Hard reset After flashing by dialling *#7370# and default security code = 12345 .









Speed Type 2 effects Variants:

9 HS No CPU mod: 

9 HS CPU mod: Download

8 HS No CPU mod : Download

8 HS CPU mod : Download

Deja VU effects Variants: 

9 HS no CPU mod: 

9 HS CPU mod: Download

8 HS no CPU mod: Download

8 HS CPU mod: Download


REVENGE^1/2/3/4/5 Discontinued

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