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                                                                             Roll Eyes Roll Eyes  Introduction  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes       

We Team ENVY here by present our Third work “ Nokia ENVY^3 , which is based on PNHT’S C6 V20 Port. This cfw has 
been made seeking the needs of the users. Each and every member has full authority to post this cfw else where in a condition to post 
the link here on the thread. Users can modify this cfw if they want but do share your modifications here. 

[/b] Guys this time the whole project was takn over by immortal_yash . So major credits are to him for completing this project gracefully

                                                          And don't forget to wish immortal_yash Happy Birthday 

                                 VERY IMPORTANT :- No user has any rights to sell this cfw anywhere for beneficial Purposes. 

                                                          THIS TIME WE HAVE PROVIDED A "ENVY's Xtra Pack"
                            (containing a list of widgets, gif bootscreens, potrait walls, landscape walls, apps and a bit of cool fonts)

                                                                    We hope you guys like our work  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes

Team ENVY:-  PrinceRM-786, ishandigipunk, DJnokia5233, apex666, dey2929, anshmiester78900 immortal_yash, PrakashKaran, LPHS,  srgudhka


Special Credits & Heartiest Thanks to :- immortal_yash ,PNHT, Adonix, Ishandigipunk, Prince RM-786, 008ROHIT, Pirates Killer, PrakashKaran, 

Credits :- ishandigipunk. Prince RM-786, 008ROHIT, prakashkaran, ralgrado apex666, srgudhka,  dey2929, Pirates Killer, anshmiester78900,  & all our DM friends

                                                        Variants in release:- 5233,5230,5235,5530,5800 &X6

                                                           Here Is Our Facebook Page, You Can Join Here
                                                                        Full Tutorial On Flashing A CFwHERE

                                                                    Screenshots Of Nokia ENVY^3 

                                                             INFORMATION AND USAGE:

The patch "ReadCRoot.rmp" & C2Z are buggy. So, use them at your own risk
The UDA file supplied is blank ; It will make sure you get 76MB+ on drive C: 
Do not worry if you experience your phone slow on first use after hardreset or flash. The first boot configures the device and all optimizations. So have patience during 1st boot!
Run AutoInstaller to quickly install many usefull applications


                                                        IMPORTANT STEPS TO BE DONE BEFORE FLASHING 

1) Delete any "thinkchange" and "Patches" from you E:\ drive Before flash 
2) If your MMC is locked by a password then REMOVE the password
3) Never FORMAT Memory Card after flash
4) Need to do Hard reset after flash

                                                First Boot Optimization (Ignoring this will result in a buggy phone)

1) After flash operation, when the country selection appears , wait for a minute or two, after that fill all the enteries.
2) Do not press any key untill the homescreen appears
3) Leave your phone at rest for 5-10 mins
4) After that do a restart & Your phone is now loaded Cheesy

> Restart button instead of lock Screen and keypad
> Swipe to unlock now goes landscape.
> Rom Patcher 2.6 & some working patches
> Removed Show open apps from menu
> Conversations in menu hidden
> CPU modded to 100% and fps to 30 for better stability
> Cache in all drives enabled
> Browser cache moved to E:\ & increased to 40mb
> T9 predictive text off by default
> Theme effects on by default
> Screen rotation on by default
> General profile renamed to ENVY^3
> Video call options totally removed
> Battery Mod used for better battery life
> Speed increased
> Lags in menu removed
> Bt name ENVY^3 DARK EDITION(Default)
> 4x5 menu used   (I bet you will like it better than 3x4 menu)
> Ovi music icon removed from music menu
> Heap size increased
> 76mb+ free on C:\
> Auto hard reset
> Music player refreshes faster
> No apps running after exit
> Camera does not stay in background after exit 
> No apps at startup

Multi language fix(now import any language without any problem  )

> Music player only reads E:\Music
> Music player refreshes faster
> Music menu modded
> Ovi music removed from music menu
> Menu will not open after exit of music player

> Flash options replaced by video button
> High quality photos and video
> Now zoom in or out using volume keys

File Manager:- 
> Send file through default browser
> like sis,sisx,jar etc
> Shows sys,system,private,resource folders

Themes Added- 

> Envy Navigator(Default)
> Envy Horizon Black

> New Splashscreens added
> Discord theme effects used
> Default ks
> Default fonts
> New ringtones
> Swipe to unlock now goes landscape

General Customization:- 
> Blank uda for extra space on C:\
> Ringing volume in earphone and speakers set to 10
> FOTA removed to gain 5 mb on C:\
> General profile renamed as ENVY^3
> New ringtones added
> Tapping sensor setting added
> Java permission off by default(get rid off saying yes in any java app like opera mini,unrar.etc)
> Lock & unlock vibrations off
> Ks disabled in short list
> Default tones changed
> Touch screen vibration off

> Full widget support
> 3 more shortcut widget bar added


> Some Important widgets you will find in E:\Widgets install manually or copy them to E:\thinkchange\C

UI updates:- 

> New splashscreens
> Lags in menu removed
> Auto rotate display by deflault


> Mara's light mod used to get default light behavior
> No green light on charging
> Brightness control settings from 523x series


> Summary after call on by default
> Volume in earphone and speaker set to 10

Things people may need:- 

> Ovi store will ge given seperately in sis file
> Speed dail backup files will be given just it drag them to rof2 & repack & flash

Ram Observed:-

65 mb without widgets and theme effect
60 mb average ram with theme effects and widgets


                                                                                     Applications Added

Added in Thinkchange: 

1) JBak taskman(Installing this will not at all disable your swipe to unlock)
2) Flipfont v5
3) Kill me [if you install this please move mediabar.exe & popupclock.exe to protected]
4) Nimbuzz v3
5) Unrar v1.01
6) Divx Player v1

Inbuilt Apps: 

1) Bt switch
2) Auto Installer
3) Screensnap


                                                                                      Applications Removed 

1)   Quick Office
2)   Adobe Reader
3)   Welcome
4)   My Nokia
5)   Voice commands
6)   Nokia Maps
7)   Ovi Music
Cool   Ovi Sync
9)   OVI Store
10) Share Online
11) Podcasting
12) Help
13) Ovi Contacts
14) Image print
15) Online Support
16) Phone switch
17) Video Call(only for 5230,5233 as they dont have that feature)
18) Speed dial
19) SW update
20) Location
21) Here and Now
22) Themes: Light, Dark, White, Pink, Blue.

                                                                                     F.A.Q Section 

1) Don’t want Red, Green & White Lights

   -download from this site HERE
   -put this file to location it shown.

2) Is RomPatcher Included?

    Yes, RomPatcher is included all though this firmware is pre-hacked (Thanx to PNHT), But this was not enough, many other patches are
     required. So the decision was to add the Rompatcher+ to Z:\


                                                                                    DOWNLOAD SECTION

Nokia ENVY^3  RM-356 (5800):- HERE

Nokia ENVY^3 Dark Edition RM-504 (5530):- COMING SOON

Nokia ENVY^3 Dark Edition RM-588 (5230):- HERE

Nokia ENVY^3 Dark Edition RM-594 (5230):- COMING SOON 

Nokia ENVY^3 Dark Edition RM-629 (5230):- HERE

Nokia ENVY^3 Dark Edition RM-625 (5228/5232/5233):- HERE

Nokia ENVY^3 Dark Edition RM-559 (X6)- COMING SOON






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